Tierra Baja

Reparto / Cast:

Pedro Armendariz Jr., Zully Moreno, Luis Aldas, Barbara Gil

Director: Miguel Zacarias

Sinopsis / Synopsis:

Un hombre casado, el más rico del pueblo para proteger a su amante la oblige a casarse con uno de sus pastores. Un ignorante pero valiente pastor que se enfrenta a los lobos. Nadie anticipa que el pastor defenderá a su esposa como si un lobo la estuviera atacando. Su pasion conquista a la mujer.

An influential, wealthy man owns practically the whole town where he lives with his family. In order to protect his mistress and be able to keep her, he forces her to marry one of his humble shepherds, the one who is famous for killing wolfs. She agrees but neither one of them anticipated that the shepherd would fall in love with his wife and fight for her like a rabid wolf. His passion earns her love.